What I’m Feelin’ Friday #3

Hey hey hey it’s Fri-YAY!! I feel particularly excited today because now I feel like I can officially start to celebrate the holidays!! Especially now since I upped my cable package to include the Hallmark Channel haha.

This year I am hosting Thanksgiving and I am VERY excited. I love to cook and open up my home to my family. So in the spirit of entertaining during the holidays, this is a home-themed What I’m Feelin’ Friday!
#1 HomeGoods 
They just opened a brand new store by my house last weekend. There must be a magnetic force coming from the store because as soon as it opened I went…..with 45345 other people. 😉
I bought a cute new picture to hang in my entryway, a new fleece blanket for my dog, an adorable coffee mug and some other odds and ends. HomeGoods has a great selection, especially the pet section.
#2 Pottery Barn HydroCotton Bath Towels
Admittedly, I have been a Kohl’s Big One towel girl for years. I figured, it’s a towel. You dry off with it. No big deal. Until my boyfriend introduced me to Pottery Barn’s HydroCotton Bath Towels. Holy crap where have these been all my life?! They immediately soak up the water and are incredibly soft and warm.  Now I won’t even touch another towel!
#3 Le Creuset Dutch Oven
I have been coveting one of these for years. Every fall I found myself holding off because of the price tag. But then all winter long I would find myself wishing I had one.  This year I decided no more! I’ll cough up the money to have a piece that I’ll (hopefully) have for a lifetime.  Well, it does not disappoint! I made a sweet potato chicken soup from the Meals on the Run Cookbook I mentioned. The Le Creuset was a dream come true! It just heated evenly and was incredibly easy to clean.
Alright guys, have a great weekend! I know we will all be busy getting everything ready for Thanksgiving!

What I’m Feelin’ Friday #2

Alright alright alright 😉 Time for another what I’m feelin’ Friday!  Hope everyone’s week was awesome! By the time this post publishes I’ll be coming home from Napa so stay tuned for some travel posts. 🙂

This Friday it’s all about rest and relaxation. Rest usually falls by the wayside when I’m trying to do all the things that’ll help me reach my running goals. So I strategically have to plan rest and I do that by having things around that force me to chillax. Let’s jump right into it shall we?

#1 The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls may be my favorite book ever. And I read A LOT. Talk about a page turner!  I could not wait to get into bed early to read this one.  It’s a memoir about the author’s unconventional, poverty-stricken upbringing but is told with a lighthearted, funny spin. This book was one shock factor after another. Be sure to curl up after a long run with this one!

#2 Wicked Plush Throw from L.L. Bean

I don’t know what happened, but when I turned 30 I became OBSESSED with L.L. Bean.  I remember getting the catalog in my 20’s and thinking, “who the heck would buy this boring crap?” Oh how foolish we are in our 20’s.  I absolutely LOVE curling up with this blanket and watching TV by the fire.  It’s incredibly soft, large, and VERY warm! Even my dog Tadd loves it 🙂

#3 Massages

I have been getting massages for years now. I 100% credit them with keeping me injury free for the past few years. I have aches and pains here and there, but when I get a massage and ask for extra work on a specific spot, it definitely makes it better. I highly suggest you read this article from www.strengthrunning.com for more information such as when to get a massage and other options if it isn’t in your budget.

Alright gang, what are YOU feeling this Friday? Do any of you have to schedule rest?

What I’m Feelin’ Friday #1

Hey gang!! Happy Friday!!! I am going to start a segment here on the blog called, “What I’m Feelin’ Friday.” There are always a TON of products or services that make my life better as a runner/overall human being and I want to share them with the you!  I am all for things that will improve my quality of life and save time. If any of the items I mention provide a monetary kick back to me, I will let you know by putting this “(<–Referral Link)” next to the hyperlink. If there’s nothing, then I am sharing out of the kindness of my heart. Awwww 😉

So here’s what I’m feelin’….

#1 Apple Juice Infused Dried Cherries from Whole Foods

These things are addictive! I love how tart they are and go perfectly in trail mix or oatmeal. And according to Women’s Running Magazine, cherries are especially good for runners because they help reduce inflammation and contain melatonin to help you sleep.  You can find these gems in the trail mix/bulk food section at Whole Foods.

#2 What To Eat Notepad

I .HATE. MEAL PLANNING! But it’s critical if you want to save time and money at the grocery store. I found this cute magnetic notepad at World Market during my Santa Barbara trip but you can find it here on Amazon. I love that I can easily see what days I don’t need to cook so that way I am not throwing out leftovers.

#3 Clarisonic Brush Mia 2

Photo taken from www.clarisonic.com

Okay I know what you’re thinking. What the heck does this have to do with running?! Have you ever come home from a nice, sweaty workout and you make a nice post-workout meal, you take the dog for a walk, then you scroll through See Holly Run’s Instagram account, only to realize you haven’t washed your face in hours?! I’m guilty as charged. Because of these bad habits, my face was consistently breaking out.

I’m not even joking, the day a friend lent me her Clarisonic brush (<–Referral Link) was a day that would change my life forever!  I know that sounds completely nuts but within 1 use my skin was MUCH clearer and brighter. Over the next few days, my skin became the softest I can ever remember it being!!

After my friend and I’s agreed upon trial period, I gave my friend her Clarisonic brush back and immediately my face started breaking out again. Luckily About Faces Spa was having a sale and I got Clare (our beloved nickname for the brush) at a discounted rate. Rejoice!  My skin is clear again!

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!  Tell me, what are you feelin’ this week? 🙂