Q&A Part Deux: Behind My Side Hustle

Time to continue the fun with Q&A part deux! If you haven’t read part 1, you’re missing out!

Hey hey it’s hump day.  You know what that means….a brand spanking new blog post! 😉 For those of you struggling through the work week (hand raised over here), I saw this gem posted by entrepreneur Lewis Howes on Instagram.

What a great quote AND lead into the Q&As.  Let’s do this!

1. Are you afraid of failing?

At first, absolutely! It actually hindered me from even starting. I would think, “If I fail, does that mean I am stupid?” Or “If I fail, then I am just bound to fail at everything.” Over time, I actually became more afraid of not starting. I don’t want to get to the pearly gates knowing I didn’t put it all out on the table.  I also re-framed how I thought of failing, as a means to an end. But really, isn’t failure just a data point? It’s just information. Ok so something didn’t work.  Try something else. And so on.

2. I am thinking about starting a side hustle. Any advice on starting one?

This is going to sound so simple, but just start. I probably had my idea for See Holly Run Designs for about a year before I actually did something.  I thought I had to have every.single.detail. all figured out.  I would research and research some more, get paralysis by analysis, and then burn out. After getting tired of these research binge sessions going nowhere, I thought, “What if I just posted that 1 photo on Instagram?” Or “What if I just flipped through the product catalog and flagged things that caught me eye?” My advice would be, even if you have 10 minutes, do something.

3. Why did you pick Pennsylvania?

To that I respond, why wouldn’t I? 😛

Full disclosure: I do not live in PA currently. My goal is to live there some day. I absolutely love the open farmland, the historical architecture, cheesesteaks, and the people! Also note that I named my line, See Holly Run Designs, and not anything to do with PA.  It gives me the flexibility to create the designs I want and not just PA stuff.

4. What’s so unique about your apparel line? It’s a flipping t-shirt!

And to that I say, no free shipping for you! 😉 But seriously, I get why someone may ask this question. There are about 64545499 t-shirt designs in the world. And I am just 1 in a sea of many….or am I?  The most valuable gift you can give to the world is YOU!  Being your true authentic self! There is no one else out there like you. I have been so blessed and have gotten a ton of feedback of the apparel line, both positive and constructive. It’ll helping me keep moving the brand forward. And that’s priceless.

That’s all for now!  Time for bed so I can be ready to go for my morning run!


Q&A Part 1: Behind My Side Hustle

Happy Friday Eve party people!!! If you follow my Facebook or Instagram, you know that last week I launched my apparel line. My shop, See Holly Run Designs, opened on Etsy last Friday and I have been riding on the high ever since!  A few people have asked me about the business so I thought it would be fun to do a Q&A here on the blog. So here goes nothing!

1. Why did you start the business?

For several reasons really. But first a little about me. I have worked at the same place for 14 years (since I was 17!). I have job security, great pay, and benefits.  Sounds great, right? I am not saying it isn’t and every day I feel blessed. But the truth is, all these years I feel like I have been playing it safe. When I look back on my 14 years though, can I say I have had a purposeful career and made a difference? No. I have worked hard and accomplished “things”, but do these “things” matter? No. I would regret staying in this safe zone my entire career.  It’s time to do something I don’t normally do, and that’s take a risk.

2. So what is it about apparel that’s purposeful? *Person gives puzzled look*

It’s not the material thing that gives me purpose, but the mission of my brand.  It’s to unite runners through fun and stylish apparel to celebrate the running community.  I have written about this before, but when I am in the starting corral with thousands of other runners, I feel like I am among family.  Right now, more than ever, we need a sense of community. If my brand has made someone feel a sense of belonging, nothing could make me happier.

3. Did anything inspire you to start the business?

A few things actually.  Shark Tank!!  I freaking LOVE that show.  It taught me a lot about business but more importantly, it taught me that I am able to start a business.  I always thought you had to have a ton of money, a fancy degree from an ivy league school, and friends in high places.  If you watch the show, a lot of people started from absolutely nothing. Plus I kept finding myself saying, “why didn’t I think of that?”

To be VERY specific, I listen to an NPR podcast called “How I Built This” which interviews CEOs of major companies. In one episode, they interviewed the Founder of Samuel Adams, Jim Koch. He said there are things in life that are scary and there are things in life that are dangerous. And that scary doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dangerous and dangerous doesn’t necessarily mean scary. He had a cushy corporate job and after a few years in, he asked himself, “could I do this another 30 years?” His answer to that was he couldn’t see himself even doing it tomorrow.  Yes, it was scary for him to leave and start Sam Adams, but it was more dangerous to stay and live so many of years of his life unfulfilled.

4. I see you are the model in the photos, do you think you’re good looking?

Image result for ron burgundy see how good I look

No. Aviators are the real life equivalent to beer goggles.  Slap a pair on and everyone looks good.


That’s all for now folks! I have received more questions so I’ll do more posts like these. A big thanks to everyone who has supported me and shown See Holly Run Designs some love.

Until next time, you stay classy readers 😉