What makes me qualified to coach?

To learn more about me and how I fell in love with running, visit my About Me page. I am a:

My Personal Records:

Marathon – 3:29:40 (8 min/mile pace) in 2013
Half Marathon – 1:31:49 (7:00 min/mile pace) in 2013
12 Mile – 1:28:02 (7:20 min/mile pace) in 2014
10 Mile – 1:09:47 (6:58 min/mile) in 2010
10k – 00:46:28 (7:30 min/mile) in 2017
5k – 00:20:10 (6:29 min/mile) in 2013

Why hire me as your coach?

I have the years of experience and knowledge to get YOU across that finish line happy and healthy! I have been through the lows of running including injuries, negative self talk, getting to the start line late, GI distress, and more. I’ll give you the tools to avoid or get through these issues.

I believe in a holistic approach to achieving your goals. I truly believe to be successful you must live the runner lifestyle that includes healthy eating habits, strength training, recovery, and of course, running.

I believe in having a plan and creating habits. Having a system in place to get things done is 90% of the battle. Meal planning, training plans, morning routines are all examples of how a system can create habits that lead you to success. As the famous quote goes, “A goal without a plan is just a dream.”  

What I can do for you!

Each runner is unique. That’s why I designed two different packages to help you achieve your goals. My first package, consultation, is for the runner who needs one-time/immediate advice about a specific topic or topics. My second package, virtual coaching, is an on-going partnership that includes a training plan and weekly check-ins. See packages below for detailed descriptions and pricing. 

To get started, email me at