What I’m Feelin’ Friday #8

We did it!!  We made it to Friday!! It’s been a long week but luckily I have Monday off to relax and work on blog stuff.  This weekend I plan to run 5 or 6 miles, have dinner with my family, get my hair done, and relax a bit. I am so ready!

So let’s jump right into it! Here is what I am feelin’ this week.

#1- Up and Vanished Podcast

Oh.my.God. this podcast is amazing!! It’s very similar to the Serial podcast. In Up and Vanished, the host Payne Lindsey is trying to solve a 12 year old cold case of Tara Grinstead, a beauty queen from Georgia who went missing. I binged on this the entire week on my commute to and from work. The twists and turns in this crazy are so crazy. Almost like something straight out of a movie but it’s real life. Note: I do not recommend you this to this before you go to bed or before running on a trail in the woods.

#2 Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce

I may be late to the game on this one, but this marinara sauce is the best pre-made stuff I have ever had. I really wanted to like the Wegman’s sauces but they all taste kind of weird to me. I was so hesitant to buy Rao’s considering it’s around $7 for a jar, but it is 100% worth it.  The other week I made this crockpot lasagna with the Rao’s sauce and it rocked my world. Definitely will be making this dish again!

#3 Gone for a Run “Running Knit Hat – BOSTON 26.2”

I saw this knit hat back in December and knew I had to have it! I absolutely love the Boston Marathon as well as the city of Boston and wanted to show some love! Around the top of the hat it has all the towns you run through on the Boston Marathon course (Natick, Hopkinton, Brookline, Boylston Street, etc.) and on the cuff it says “BOS 26.2”. This hat is very warm and extremely well made. And for $20 I thought it was a steal! #BostonStrong baby!

And that’s all! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!! So tell me, what are you feelin’?

What I’m Feelin’ Friday #7

Hey gang!  I am loving these Fridays right before a holiday. I love this time of year because I get to relax and think of goals for the upcoming year. Crazy to think that this will be the last WIFF for 2017! So here we go!!!

#1 Staying in for New Year’s Eve

My boyfriend and I have been staying in every New Year’s Eve for a few years now….and we love it! We have a tradition of making this ragu bolognese from Mario Batali. It’s critical you watch the video to see exactly how he does it. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were burning the sauce. OMG I am drooling just thinking about it! Pair this dish with a good champagne and you have the perfect evening.

#2 Bulldog Yoga in Villanova, PA

Footer Logo

Every time I am visiting my boyfriend’s parent’s house, I make sure I go to Bulldog Yoga at least once during my visit. Now let’s set the record straight here. I hate yoga. I get so bored during a typical class and some studios are pretentious. But Bulldog Yoga is different. It’s fast-paced so it feels like you are actually working out and fun because they play upbeat music (Bee Gees, NSYNC, AC/DC, etc.).  Last week for the holidays they had a holiday music themed class that took the attention off the actual workout and emphasized the holiday fun! Highly recommend the studio if you are in the area!

#3 Posh Podcast

Image result for posh podcast

Speaking of fun music for your workout, you should check out the Posh Podcast immediately (available through iTunes and MixCloud). These mixes are delivered straight to your phone weekly for FREE. I have not had to create any playlists since I started listening to the Posh Podcast because it scratches my itch for upbeat music during my gym sessions. Yay for saving money!!

And that’s a wrap!!



What I’m Feelin’ Friday #6

Hey friends!  It’s Christmas week and I couldn’t be more excited! I hope you get all the running stuff you wanted this year under your tree! 😛 He’ll be here soon enough….

So let’s jump to it! Here is what I am feelin’ this week:

#1 Christmas morning run

In my opinion, there is no better day and time to run than Christmas morning. The world is super quiet and most people keep their Christmas lights on and shining bright. I look forward to running on Christmas morning all December long. It’s a great time to reflect on what you are grateful for in your life and just soak it all in.

#2 Daily Greatness Journal

Dailygreatness Journal: A Practical Guide For Consciously Creating Your Days

Photo Credit: dailygreatness.co

I think it’s safe to assume that most runners are type A people. There’s nothing like the thrill of setting goals and going through the journey to achieve them!  I have used other life planners in the past, but what I like about the Daily Greatness Journal (<–Referral Link) is that it forces you to set an intention for the day and has you reflect on your day later that evening. So to me, it’s building a habit of making the most of my very limited time. I’ve had life planners before that week-based, but I felt like too many weeks slipped by where I wanted to be better but didn’t create the habits that would make me better. Watch out 2018, here I come!

#3 Hempz Lip Balm in Frosted Peppermint and Vanilla Sugar

As much as I love the cold weather, I HATE how dry my lips get. I have so much chapstick stashed around the house that I can use it on a moments notice. Unfortunately my beagle loves chapstick too. So much so that he actually broke into Christmas presents to eat the chapsticks that were in the bags. Yes, I had to go to Ulta to repurchase some hahaha. I love to put this chapstick on before my winter weather run.  It makes it feel even more like Christmas!! You can buy it here on Amazon or at Ulta.

So tell me, are you running on Christmas morning? What running-related gift will Santa bring you? Click “Comment” under the blog post title to leave a comment.

What I’m Feelin’ Friday #5

Hey hey we made it to Friday!!!! How was everyone’s week? I’ve been busy checking off my Christmas list which is soooo nice! This Friday I am not following a theme. We will just say it’s overall health and wellness 😉 Here we go!

#1 Athleta

Image result for athleta logo

I am OBSESSED with Athleta apparel. Every time I am browsing online or in the store I want to buy all the things! It is a bit pricey, but after experiencing the quality, comfort, and cuteness of their clothes, the sticker shock wore off. This stuff lasts forever and fits so nicely. I went to Fabletics yesterday just to try on their stuff out of curiosity. Yeahhhhh let’s just say I won’t be back. Any way, when I went to Athleta yesterday, I was on a mission to find some cardigans/wraps for lounging, running errands, etc. Well I scored and found 2 cardigans (the Luxe Pose Wrap and Pranayama Wrap) that are crazy soft. Use this code for 20% off one regular priced item. I am wearing one now. I can safely say it’s good for blogging activities 😛

#2 Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate

If you’re still drinking powdered hot chocolate, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Do yourself a huge favor and get the Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate ASAP! It’s not the holidays without this stuff. It’s rich and velvety and basically what dreams are made of. I plan on having a cup (or two!) by the fire this weekend with a book. I can’t wait 🙂

#3 Native Deodorant

I have been searching for a GOOD natural deodorant for awhile. I have been using your typical Secret deodorant and I always felt a burning sensation and occasionally an odd bump in my armpit. Yikes! I was trying other natural deodorants but they either didn’t work or had to be applied by hand. No thank you! Enter Native Deodorant (<—-referral link) . I found this product through another blog and after reading up on it, purchased it immediately. I love how smooth and soothing it is, as well as the yummy smells. Oh, AND it works!

So tell me, what are you feelin’ this week? Leave a comment by clicking the Comment link just below the blog post title 🙂


What I’m Feelin’ Friday #4

Happy First Friday of December!  Time to haul out the holly 😉  I get SO excited for the holidays. Hands down my favorite time of year to run. I am working on a running gift guide for you all, but in the mean time here’s another What I’m Feelin’ Friday! Today I am going to do a podcast-themed WIFF. I love podcasts because:

  1. I love to learn. There is such a variety of topics from business to science to health.
  2. They are free.
  3. It makes a long commute a little less painful.
  4. It makes aerobic cardio (stair climber, walking, elliptical) go by quicker.

Here are my favorite podcasts:

#1 The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Lewis is a self-made entrepreneur who interviews guests that have made a difference in the world. He is all about gratitude, love, and kindness as well as going out there and being great. Think of him as the facilitator/curator of greatness. Among my favorite episodes are:

There are just so many episodes I love that I cannot possibly list them all. Episodes are between an hour to an hour 30 minutes. Here is the master list of all the episodes along with video/audio.

#2 The MFCEO Project Podcast

I first learned about MFCEO, Andy Frisella, on The School of Greatness podcast. Heads up: Dude is intense and uses a lot of curse words, which I don’t mind. So I think you can guess what MF stands for. This podcast isn’t for the faint of heart. Andy doesn’t sugar coat anything because guess what? Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows!! Andy inspires you to rise to adversity and challenge the status quo. Think of him as your business drill sergeant. He totally gets me pumped up and ready to go out there and kick some ass. Among my favorite episodes are:

Episodes can range from 12 minutes to an hour if there is a guest. You can find a master list of Andy’s podcast here.

#3 How I Built This with Guy Raz

How I Built This logo

A podcast from NPR, Guy Raz interviews the top CEOs of globally recognized brands (read: Samuel Adams Brewing, Starbucks, Burton Snowboards, Chipotle, Airbnb, etc.) If you think this will be a boring Q&A session, think again. Each CEO takes you on the wild rollercoaster of growing their business from nothing. I have found myself saying out loud, “OMG what?! No way!!”. Amazing. Amazing. AMAZING. Among my favorite episodes are:

    • Burton Snowboards: Jake Carpenter

    • Starbuck: Live Episode with Howard Schultz

    • Samuel Adams: Jim Koch

I literally love every single episode of this show. I always walk away with a nugget of wisdom from each CEO, from deciphering the difference between scary and dangerous to not taking a minute of your life for granted. Episodes last from 30 minutes to an hour. Check out a list of episodes here.

That’s all for now!  Tell me, what is your favorite podcast? To leave a comment, click the comment link just below the title of this blog post.

What I’m Feelin’ Friday #3

Hey hey hey it’s Fri-YAY!! I feel particularly excited today because now I feel like I can officially start to celebrate the holidays!! Especially now since I upped my cable package to include the Hallmark Channel haha.

This year I am hosting Thanksgiving and I am VERY excited. I love to cook and open up my home to my family. So in the spirit of entertaining during the holidays, this is a home-themed What I’m Feelin’ Friday!
#1 HomeGoods 
They just opened a brand new store by my house last weekend. There must be a magnetic force coming from the store because as soon as it opened I went…..with 45345 other people. 😉
I bought a cute new picture to hang in my entryway, a new fleece blanket for my dog, an adorable coffee mug and some other odds and ends. HomeGoods has a great selection, especially the pet section.
#2 Pottery Barn HydroCotton Bath Towels
Admittedly, I have been a Kohl’s Big One towel girl for years. I figured, it’s a towel. You dry off with it. No big deal. Until my boyfriend introduced me to Pottery Barn’s HydroCotton Bath Towels. Holy crap where have these been all my life?! They immediately soak up the water and are incredibly soft and warm.  Now I won’t even touch another towel!
#3 Le Creuset Dutch Oven
I have been coveting one of these for years. Every fall I found myself holding off because of the price tag. But then all winter long I would find myself wishing I had one.  This year I decided no more! I’ll cough up the money to have a piece that I’ll (hopefully) have for a lifetime.  Well, it does not disappoint! I made a sweet potato chicken soup from the Meals on the Run Cookbook I mentioned. The Le Creuset was a dream come true! It just heated evenly and was incredibly easy to clean.
Alright guys, have a great weekend! I know we will all be busy getting everything ready for Thanksgiving!

What I’m Feelin’ Friday #1

Hey gang!! Happy Friday!!! I am going to start a segment here on the blog called, “What I’m Feelin’ Friday.” There are always a TON of products or services that make my life better as a runner/overall human being and I want to share them with the you!  I am all for things that will improve my quality of life and save time. If any of the items I mention provide a monetary kick back to me, I will let you know by putting this “(<–Referral Link)” next to the hyperlink. If there’s nothing, then I am sharing out of the kindness of my heart. Awwww 😉

So here’s what I’m feelin’….

#1 Apple Juice Infused Dried Cherries from Whole Foods

These things are addictive! I love how tart they are and go perfectly in trail mix or oatmeal. And according to Women’s Running Magazine, cherries are especially good for runners because they help reduce inflammation and contain melatonin to help you sleep.  You can find these gems in the trail mix/bulk food section at Whole Foods.

#2 What To Eat Notepad

I .HATE. MEAL PLANNING! But it’s critical if you want to save time and money at the grocery store. I found this cute magnetic notepad at World Market during my Santa Barbara trip but you can find it here on Amazon. I love that I can easily see what days I don’t need to cook so that way I am not throwing out leftovers.

#3 Clarisonic Brush Mia 2

Photo taken from www.clarisonic.com

Okay I know what you’re thinking. What the heck does this have to do with running?! Have you ever come home from a nice, sweaty workout and you make a nice post-workout meal, you take the dog for a walk, then you scroll through See Holly Run’s Instagram account, only to realize you haven’t washed your face in hours?! I’m guilty as charged. Because of these bad habits, my face was consistently breaking out.

I’m not even joking, the day a friend lent me her Clarisonic brush (<–Referral Link) was a day that would change my life forever!  I know that sounds completely nuts but within 1 use my skin was MUCH clearer and brighter. Over the next few days, my skin became the softest I can ever remember it being!!

After my friend and I’s agreed upon trial period, I gave my friend her Clarisonic brush back and immediately my face started breaking out again. Luckily About Faces Spa was having a sale and I got Clare (our beloved nickname for the brush) at a discounted rate. Rejoice!  My skin is clear again!

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!  Tell me, what are you feelin’ this week? 🙂