Napa, CA Trip Day 1: Fried Chicken, a French Chateau, and Mustard’s

Hey gang! My boyfriend and I just got back from a few days in Napa Valley and it was AMAZING. We had our trip planned prior to the wildfires that happened and were debating on cancelling.  But we reeaallyy had our hearts set on a Napa trip so instead reached out to the wineries to see if they were open. Every winery we wanted to visit was open and they encouraged us to come out. You don’t have to tell us twice!  It was awesome to go out and support an industry that we love so much! 😉

The 4 days we spent there were action-packed!  So over the next few days, I’ll publish a post for each day we spent in Napa 🙂

Day 1:

We took an early flight from the east coast and landed in San Francisco around 10 am local time. While planning our trip, we decided to rent a car to make it easier to get around since we had plans to visit all the areas of Napa Valley and Sonoma Coast. First up on the agenda? Fried Chicken Sandwiches at Fremont Diner in Sonoma.

Feel free to stare at the picture above and wonder at the glory of this sandwich. This was some of the best fried chicken I have ever had and it came with a side of collard greens. This is what dreams are made of. And I definitely had to eat a heavier meal before I started drinking…. or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Next stop, just a short drive away, was Domaine Carneros for a sparking wine tasting. I have to be 100% honest here. I got hung up on the fact that the building was a french-style chateau. The wine? Meh. The thing I enjoyed the most (other than spending time with my boyfriend obvi) was the funny birds that hung out on the patio. They would wait until someone got up from their table and immediately  drop in and take the leftovers haha.

After enjoying the show from the birds, we headed to our hotel in Napa and relaxed. We had some time to kill before dinner, so we decided to head over to Oxbow Public Market in Downtown Napa.  Our main goal was to visit Whole Spice, a freshly ground, high quality seasoning boutique that has amazing blends.

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I spent entirely too much time tasting salt there haha. I did manage to find the best cinnamon I have ever had in my life. After increasing my blood pressure from the extreme salt intake, it was time to increase it even more with dinner at Mustard’s. At this point, the jet lag was hitting us pretty hard but we powered through with some moscow mules 🙂

For dinner I ordered the lemon and garlic chicken which was perfectly cooked and seasoned. I would HIGHLY recommend Mustard’s for a simple, yet comforting dinner.

That’s it for day 1!  Stay tuned over the next week as I post a recap from each day of our Napa trip!

Tell me, have you been to Napa before? If so, what was your favorite place to visit?

What I’m Feelin’ Friday #2

Alright alright alright 😉 Time for another what I’m feelin’ Friday!  Hope everyone’s week was awesome! By the time this post publishes I’ll be coming home from Napa so stay tuned for some travel posts. 🙂

This Friday it’s all about rest and relaxation. Rest usually falls by the wayside when I’m trying to do all the things that’ll help me reach my running goals. So I strategically have to plan rest and I do that by having things around that force me to chillax. Let’s jump right into it shall we?

#1 The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls may be my favorite book ever. And I read A LOT. Talk about a page turner!  I could not wait to get into bed early to read this one.  It’s a memoir about the author’s unconventional, poverty-stricken upbringing but is told with a lighthearted, funny spin. This book was one shock factor after another. Be sure to curl up after a long run with this one!

#2 Wicked Plush Throw from L.L. Bean

I don’t know what happened, but when I turned 30 I became OBSESSED with L.L. Bean.  I remember getting the catalog in my 20’s and thinking, “who the heck would buy this boring crap?” Oh how foolish we are in our 20’s.  I absolutely LOVE curling up with this blanket and watching TV by the fire.  It’s incredibly soft, large, and VERY warm! Even my dog Tadd loves it 🙂

#3 Massages

I have been getting massages for years now. I 100% credit them with keeping me injury free for the past few years. I have aches and pains here and there, but when I get a massage and ask for extra work on a specific spot, it definitely makes it better. I highly suggest you read this article from for more information such as when to get a massage and other options if it isn’t in your budget.

Alright gang, what are YOU feeling this Friday? Do any of you have to schedule rest?

Girls Trip to Santa Barbara, CA: Day 1

Hey gang!  Hope everyone had a fun fourth with tons of food, beer, wine, and running 😉 My cousin and I planned a girls trip to Santa Barbara this year as a way to de-stress and get our toes in the sand!  We spent a total of 4 days, 3 nights there which was plenty of time to relax and take it all in. We stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Santa Barbara Inn and we cannot say enough good things about it!

Santa Barbara Inn Lobby

We got to the hotel around 2:30 pm and around 2:31 pm, we hit the beach! It was literally right across the street from our hotel.

Santa Barbara Inn

After a few hours on the beach, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner. Our hotel had a really nice restaurant called Convivo with decent happy hour that had $5 glasses on wine. I can’t even spell “no” to that! My cousin and I, being the gracious and refined ladies we are, casually strolled up to the bar in our beach gear and covered in sand, ordered our drinks “to-go” and sipped our sparking rose as we got ready in our room. Cheers to that!

For dinner, we headed to The Lark, located in a cool area of town called The Funk Zone. We started the night off with the best brussel sprouts I have ever had! They were made with dates, fish sauce, and lime.  Don’t knock it ’til you try it!

After the sprouts, we must have still been hungry because we devoured our food without taking pictures hahaha.  I cannot say enough good things about The Lark!

After dinner, we decided to walk around and explore State Street, the main strip for a bit.  The weather was perfect, dare I say a bit chilly! We walked off our meals, took note of some cool places to check out on State Street, and walked back to our hotel. Ready to rest up for day 2 of our adventure!

So tell me, have you been to Santa Barbara? Any vacations planned this summer?