About Me

In 2005, I was climbing a set of stairs and when I got to the top, I was hunched over trying to catch my breath. While I was hunched over, I noticed something that wasn’t there before. A muffin top. Within a year of graduating high school, I was 30 pounds overweight.

There I was, far from the active and healthy high school student I used to be. Right then and there I realized I needed to change my bad habits of daily cheesesteaks and sitting behind my work desk. I immediately joined a gym.

With 30 extra pounds on my frame, I began to walk on the treadmill.  After consistently walking and seeing the weight start to come off, I decided to try running. I was on the treadmill, in the basement of this gym that looked more like a prison cell. I asked myself, “Can I actually run 1 mile?” So I cranked the speed of the treadmill to a light jog.  The distance on the screen ticked by so slowly. Toward the end of that mile, everything was hurting.  My thighs and calves were burning but dug deep and hung in there! Then it happened. The distance display said 1.0 miles. The joy that came over me was something I will never forget.  I had set out and achieved a goal and it felt damn good.

Fast forward to today, I lost the 30 pounds, gained a whole lotta confidence, ran 10 marathons and countless other races. Behold, I have found my passion!

My mission is to inspire others to challenge themselves through running, to live boldly, and above all else, persevere.

Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to reach out to me with any questions at runningcoachholly@gmail.com

Happy Running Ya’ll!