Guess who’s back…Back again…Holly’s Back!

Hi friends!! So it’s been a year since I have last posted…hope I didn’t make things too awkward between us. 😛

So now I am sure you’re asking yourselves, “Will Holly ghost me again? How do I know she will stick around this time?”

Well friends, it’s because this time around I am doing this for fun. When I started this blog, it was truly because I wanted to share my passion and knowledge for running and fitness. But then I put so much pressure on myself to be “successful.” But what does that truly mean?

I thought it was reading all the articles on blogging tips and how to increase readership and monetize the blog.

“Post 3 times a week!” One article read.

“Post at noon!” One blogger said.

“Sign up for such and such site and they’ll send you BS products to push.” One email said.

But it just became overwhelming and I lost sight of the “why.” So this time around, I am going to post whenever I want and about whatever I want. You’ll find long form content here (e.g. tips, race reviews, advice, etc.) and short form content on my Instagram @seehollyrun (e.g. pictures, workouts, food, adventure).

Thanks to those who have reached out and encouraged me to start again. You are the reason why I am able to go that extra mile.

Just keep running! -Holly

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