Top 5 Funny Race Signs

Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend!  I saw a sign outside of our local ski shop that said, “We sell organic, gluten-free skis” and I thought that was hilarious!  It made my day a little better. It got me thinking about signs I see at races and how something so simple has the power to keep me going.

Here are my top 5 funny race signs:

1) “The end is near!”

I normally see this guy around mile 19 at the Marine Corps Marathon.  This is a spot where some humor is DEFINITELY needed because you have just run 2 miles on a highway with no shade, scenery, or spectators. Oh and you have about 7 more miles in the marathon left to run.

2) “I’m just trying to cross the street!”

I’m just trying to cross the street

Source: @joggingjeans on Twitter

I love signs that make it all about the spectator haha. This lady could care less about your darn race!  She is gonna be late to work! 😛

3) “Turn around! It’s a trap!”

But really…..what if it was?! Oh man and that guys facial expression! Classic!

4) “If a marathon was easy, it’d be called your mother!”

Ah yes, another classic I always see at races. I don’t think “yo mama” jokes will ever get old!

5) “Run like Trump is trying to grab your %$#$@”

Image result for funny marathon signs

Source: @onlyatoms on Twitter

Politics aside, this is freakin’ hilarious!

So tell me, what is the funniest sign you have ever seen at a race? Click “Leave a Comment” below the blog post title.


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