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3 Reasons Why You Need the Runner’s World Cookbook “Meal on the Run”

NOTE: This review is 100% my opinion and I received no compensation for this post.  I just want to share my opinion with my readers.

Happy Monday! I wanted to switch it up tonight and talk about a cookbook that just gets me. I don’t know about you, but I have gotten my cooking style down pat. The food has to be delicious, less than 10 ingredients, healthy and under 30 minutes. BOOM!  Enter the Runner’s World cookbook, “Meals on the Run”.

I was eyeing up the cookbook on Amazon for a while and kept watching the price fall.

Then Runner’s World wrote an article about soup and it so happened to give a recipe from the cookbook for Chunky Tomato-Beef Soup. After making this recipe several times and getting tired of meal planning, I knew I had to purchase it.

Here are the top reasons why you need this cookbook:

#1 The amount of delicious recipes!

Spoiler alert! The subtitle is “150 energy-packed recipes in 30 minutes or less”. With 150 recipes, you are bound to run into several you’ll make over and over again! So far I have made the chunky tomato-beef soup, curried pumpkin soup, quick-cooking barley and kale soup, black and white bean sausage soup, sweet potato chicken stew, summer corn salad, warm tomato olive and arugula salad, gazpacho chicken salad, bow-ties with roasted cherry tomatoes, and Kara Goucher’s kitchen sink pizza. Ok then….so I have tried way more than what I originally thought LOL!

#2 Each recipe has a helpful color coded guide indicating the dietary category (vegan, vegetarian, etc.) and performance need (recovery, pre-run, etc.).

It makes deciding what to eat and when to eat super easy! I also like to scope out recipes that are hydrating when I know it’ll be a particularly hot and humid week. There are helpful special recipe lists in the back of the book that lists all recipes by category (vegan, post-run, 5 minute fix, and so on).

#3 The range of recipes

I feel like a lot of cookbooks focus on one type of food and not so much on other types. For example, it may have 6546465 chicken recipes but 1 breakfast recipe. I need variety people!  This cookbook does a great job of having a ton of recipes for the following; breakfast, smoothies and juices, snacks and sweets, salads, soups and stews, pasta and noodles, vegetarian mains and sides, seafood mains, and meat and poultry mains. Oh, and did I mention most recipes have pictures? 🙂

I have several runner cookbooks but this is easily my favorite.  What other running/sports cookbooks do you love? Leave a comment. 

How to Run in the Rain (It’s not that obvious…)

Happy Monday everyone! Hope all your running/fitness has been going awesome! It’s quite the rainy Monday here in Maryland. When I woke up this morning and heard the pouring down rain, my immediate thought was to take my run inside on the treadmill.  After a few minutes, I changed my mind and decided to challenge myself today by putting myself in an uncomfortable situation (running in the rain) and working on getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. As humans, we tend to HATE anything remotely uncomfortable and stay in our comfort zone. But adventure and the feeling of truly being alive happens outside of our comfort zone. Running in the rain is uncomfortable, but it is fun if you do it right!

Here are my tips on how to run in the rain and love it!

Before Your Run

1. Assess the situation. Listen to your local weather authority.  If there are any warnings, probably not the best idea to put your life at risk. Today during my run, it was 70 degrees with steady rain. A safe situation to run in. Do not go out if it’s hurricane conditions outside!  Do yoga instead 🙂

2. Gather all the necessary gear. You could theoretically go out in your normal gear. But that’ll result in chafing and blisters. You will need the following, including but not limited to:

-Rain jacket
-Body Glide (or any anti-chafing ointment)
-Hat or visor

3. Place your after run essentials, like a towel and newspaper, by the door that you’ll enter through after your run.  That way you are not walking through the house soaking wet to get everything you need.

4. Put on anti-chafing ointment prior to putting on your gear. You will get wet.  There is no getting around that. Before putting on your shoes/socks, put anti-chafing ointment all over your feet to avoid blisters.  Also, put the ointment anywhere clothes or skin may rub like under sports bra straps or in-between your thighs.

5. Now put on your gear. You will need a baseball hat or visor to keep the pouring rain out of your face so you can breathe comfortably. If you wear an armband for your phone, put it on prior to putting on your rain jacket. This adds an extra layer of protection and will prevent your phone from getting wet.

During Your Run

6. Watch your footing! But be sure to jump in those puddles. It’s like being a kid again! 🙂 But those paint lines on the roads can be slippery when wet, so be sure to tread slowly over them or skip over them if possible.  Also look out for those leaves! They can be slippery too.

After Your Run

7. Hang dry all your gear on a drying rack. Take care of your gear and it will take care of you!

8. Stuff your shoes with newspaper. Yes I know that sounds odd but you need to dry your shoes ASAP. Newspaper absorbs all the moisture from your shoes and is cheap. Do not put your shoes in the dryer!  The heat breaks down the material in the sole and changes the shape/structure of the other materials.

Shoes with newspaper

That’s all for now! What are you waiting for?! Go out there and be a kid again! 🙂

What other weather elements have you run in? Snow? Heat?

How are you doing on those pushups for #hollyshundred? 😉